Concorde Horizontal Situation Indicator – SOLD

The Horizontal Situation Indicator VOR/NAV is one of the two largest and most prominent dials in the Concorde Cockpit.

Fundamental to both aviation and navigation, it displays magnetic heading, true heading (from inertial navigation), runway approach guidance and ground speed information.

Many small changes were made to the dial over the years but the fundamental information it displayed was unchanged.

One of the most sought after of Concorde Cockpit Dials in flown / used condition. This one has special historical interest as it was sold off by BAC/BAE at the closure of the test programme, and dates from November 1969 – the first years of Concorde Test Flights. This item was originally purchased from BAC/BAE by Commander Douglas Kingsford-Hale MBE of Flambards and comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by Commander Douglas Kingsford-Hale MBE.

It has a 90 prefix part number indicating it was used in the ground test simulator or mock up and is not a flown item. Although identical in appearance to the dials on the flightdeck of flown aircraft it has different connections and internals and as can be seen in the picture the rear connector is missing but appears to be inside the case.

A fantastic display piece with a distinctive Concorde silhouette on the needle and a great piece of history, but priced at a significant discount to a flown example.

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13cm x 13cm x 14cm
13cm x 13cm x 14cm


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