Concorde Artificial Horizon or ADI (Attitude Display Indicator)

The Artificial Horizon Dial (or to give it it’s technical name) the Attitude Display Indicator (ADI) is the most prominent display on the Concorde Pilot’s Instrument Panel. This is from very early in the test programme and dated November 1969. it was released by BAC/BAE at the end of the Concorde Test Programme.

It has a 90 prefix part number indicating it was used in the ground test simulator or mock up and is not a flown item. Although identical in appearance to the dials on the flightdeck of flown aircraft it has different connections and internals and as can be seen in the picture the rear connector is missing.

A fantastic display piece with great history, but priced at a significant discount to a flown example.

Concorde Part Number:
13cm x 13cm x 19cm
13cm x 13cm x 19cm


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