Concorde Fuel Shut Off Valve

The electronically controlled actuator is a shut-off valve for the refueling system. This is a substantial electro-mechanical part that would make a great display piece that also offers the possibity of being a working system for somebody with the right (115V) technical skills to do so safely.

The refuelling system of Concorde was designed with precision to cater to its unique operational needs. This system had to ensure that the aircraft could be rapidly and safely refuelled, minimising turnaround times and maximising operational efficiency.

The Concorde’s refuelling system was engineered to accommodate the aircraft’s substantial fuel capacity, necessary for its long transatlantic flights. It comprised advanced mechanisms for fast and efficient fuel transfer, a crucial feature given the aircraft’s consumption rate, particularly during supersonic cruise. Safety features were integral to the design, including overfill protection to prevent fuel spillage and sophisticated grounding systems to eliminate static electricity risks during refuelling operations.

Concorde Part Number:
23cm x 16cm
23cm x 16cm


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