Fuel Contents Dial – SOLD

This dial for measuring fuel contents in KG x 1000 was manufactured by Intertechnique in December 1970. It is in excellent condition with the electrical connectors on the rear protected by the original yellow plastic caps and paintwork and glass in pristine condition.

The dial was located in the ‘Fuel Management’ panel in the Flight Engineer’s area of the flight deck. There were a total of 13 of these dials in the panel (1 for each of the main fuel tanks) but only 4 of these went up to 12,000 Kg. (The other went up to 5,000 or 100000 Kg depending on the tank).

Concorde was designed to carry a large amount of fuel to support its supersonic flights. It had a maximum fuel capacity of approximately 119,280 litres (31,510 US Gallons) which is approx 94,470 Kg.  This vast fuel capacity was necessary due to the Concorde’s high consumption rates. On average, Concorde consumed about 25,000 litres (6,600 US gallons) of fuel per hour. This rate of consumption was a critical factor in the economics of Concorde operations, as it significantly influenced the cost of flights.

The dial goes up to 12,000 Kg which is approx. 15,000 Litres of Jet Fuel.



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