Concorde Flight Deck and Cabin Heat Regulation Panel

If you travelled on Concorde and didn’t freeze or overheat, then you can thank the controls which were housed in this particularly large panel which allowed the flight crew to set comfortable temperatures and humidity levels. This item came from British Airways and has a BA certificate of authenticity.

There is a hairline crack on the rear oof the panel but this does not extend through to or appear on the front of the panel.

The management of cabin temperature on the Concorde was a feat of engineering ingenuity, given the unique challenges posed by its operational environment. Flying at Mach 2.04, the aircraft’s exterior could reach temperatures up to 127°C (260°F) while outside air temperatures at 60,000 feet could be as low as -56.5°C (-69.7°F) necessitating a sophisticated system to maintain a comfortable and safe interior climate for passengers and crew.

The Concorde employed an advanced environmental control system (ECS) to manage cabin temperature effectively. This system was designed to counteract the intense heat generated by air friction at supersonic speeds, ensuring the cabin remained at a comfortable temperature range throughout the flight. The ECS utilised air conditioning units that drew in outside air, which, despite the high external temperatures, was cooled and compressed before being introduced into the cabin. This process not only regulated temperature but also ensured the air was refreshed and circulated efficiently.

Moreover, the system was capable of adjusting dynamically to various flight phases and external conditions, providing additional cooling when the aircraft was on the ground and the engines were running at lower speeds, where the natural cooling effect of high-speed flight was absent.

Concorde Part Number:
30cm x 29cm
30cm x 29cm


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