Major Concorde Memorabilia Auctions

Since 2003 Concorde Auctions have be taking place at major Auction Houses attracting enthusiasts and investors.

Auctions of Concorde memorabilia have captivated aviation enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, highlighting a deep fascination with one of the most iconic aircraft in history. The Concorde, a marvel of engineering and a symbol of luxury air travel, ceased operations in 2003. Since then, its memorabilia have become highly sought-after items, reflecting not only the technological achievements of the 20th century but also the era’s unique approach to elegance and speed.

The Concorde, a joint venture between the British and French governments, was the first and only successful supersonic passenger-carrying commercial airplane. Its capability to fly at twice the speed of sound made transatlantic flights remarkably short, turning what was once a tedious journey into an exhilarating adventure. It’s no wonder that items associated with the Concorde—from flight instruments to onboard dining sets—have become treasured relics of a bygone age of air travel.

Auctions of Concorde memorabilia draw significant attention, not just for the rarity and historical value of the items on offer, but for the stories they tell. In 2003, following the retirement of the Concorde fleet, Christie’s in London hosted a landmark auction. The sale included everything from nose cones and flight manuals to luxurious cutlery and china used to serve passengers. A Machmeter, an instrument that measures the speed of the aircraft relative to the speed of sound, was among the highlights, fetching tens of thousands of dollars. This auction set the stage for the high demand and substantial prices that Concorde items would command in the years to follow, including high profile auctions by Bonhams in London an indeed uctions by pourselves of several thousand items ranging from Nose Cones to onboard china.

Subsequent auctions have continued to attract global interest. For instance, in 2019, another significant auction took place, featuring over 1,000 lots of Concorde parts and memorabilia. These events are not merely business. They are also gatherings of aviation and history enthusiasts, former Concorde passengers, and aviation buffs, all united by their admiration for this retired aircraft.

The fascination with Concorde memorabilia underscores a broader interest in preserving and celebrating the achievements of supersonic flight. Items from these auctions often find their way into museums or private collections, where they serve as tangible links to the era when flying was as much about the experience as it was about the destination.

Moreover, the auctions highlight the enduring legacy of the Concorde. They remind us of the human desire to push boundaries, to innovate, and to cherish the artifacts that symbolize our collective achievements. As we look to the future of aviation, with discussions about the potential return of supersonic travel, the auctions of Concorde memorabilia serve as a poignant reminder of where we’ve been and where we might once again soar.

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