Concorde Part Numbers

Concorde Part Number
Concorde has a distinctive part number system that helps identify items as belonging uniquely to Concorde.

The Concorde aircraft part number system required that all part numbers start with ’66’. This unique identifier served several important purposes in the aircraft’s engineering and maintenance framework. The “66-” prefix acted as an immediate identifier for all parts belonging exclusively to the Concorde, setting them apart from components used in other aircraft. This was crucial in the aviation industry where specificity and precision are paramount.

This prefix system facilitated the organization, tracking, and procurement of parts specific to the Concorde’s design and operation. It helped in streamlining the maintenance process by ensuring that engineers and technicians could quickly identify that a part was designed for the Concorde, thus minimizing errors in ordering or installing incompatible components. Moreover, the “66-” prefix contributed to the efficiency of the inventory and logistics systems, allowing for the smooth operation of the aircraft’s maintenance schedule.

Behind the “66-“, the numbers that followed provided further details about each part, such as its specific system classification, location within the aircraft, and version information. This methodical approach to part numbering underscored the Concorde’s engineering excellence, ensuring that this supersonic aircraft remained at the pinnacle of aviation technology throughout its operational life. The prefix “66-” thus became synonymous with the Concorde, embodying its legacy as a masterpiece of aerospace engineering.

For Concorde parts collectors the 66- number is the key piece of data that identifies something as belonging to Concorde and also allows identification of where on the aircraft the part was located.

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