Concorde Passenger Flight Folder

An original stitched Concorde Conference Folder featuring an embossed Concorde Logo on the front and containing a range of original Concorde Inflight Items.

These Concorde Inflight Folders were produced in the 1990s as gifts for passengers travelling on Concorde. They were never offered for sale and you had to fly Concorde to get one! No more will be made.

These were made to a very high standard, and incorporate stitching, a padded interliner, and a satin fabric in a distinct weave created just for this item. The notebook is also bound in this fabric.

When Concorde retired in 2003 we acquired a number of these from British Airways. We are now offering these unique items for sale to Concorde collectors and fans.

Contents include:

  • Original Concorde Flight Certificate (unsigned)
  • Fabric bound Concorde embossed notebook
  • Concorde embossed writing paper (4 sheets)
  • Concorde embossed envelopes (2)
  • Concorde postcards (2)
  • Concorde Information and History full colour booklet which features multipl 3 page fold out sections with wonderful Concorde images and facts and figures about the aircraft.